January 11, 2021

Some clues about my ciberattack

Can someone give me a few clues/hints about how a cibercriminal is able to hijack my newest accounts? I had a ciberattack and all my accounts have been stolen. The last thing I tried was to recover my PSN account using a brand new phone, new sim card from another ISP, mobile data (no wi-fi network involved), new Outlook account and calling directly to PlayStation to make the change.

– A breach in PS database. (I doubt it)

-There is something malicious in the mail to reset the password.

-Somehow services hired with my data aren’t private anymore, no matter the ISP.

-The hacker simply called PS asking for my mail giving other data and got it without double-step verification the easy way: A bruteforce attack or with the “forgot password” bypass. Im not sure about this, because the moment PS generated the mail change, weird things happened in inbox. I recieved the messages from PlayStation (the unread inbox counter was telling me that), but they wasn’t appearing anywhere untill a minute or so. After changing the password they dissapeared again a minute and reappeared as unread mails. I suspect the hacking was in the moment the mail related to the account changed or even before that.

Can my mail be secure, safe and be protected from an organized cibercriminal attack? It’s safe to JUST open a mail, without clicking in anything? I don’t even know what types of attack exist or how I’m supposed to prevent them.

I tested different OS, mail providers and ISP companies. It doesn’t matter, the hacker always finds a way to find and steal my recovery account. Got basically every data of me. Can someone with my ID, adress, etc. track my new numbers, what I search in internet or my phone calls with a MITM attack?

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