March 29, 2021

Someone create an account on hitBTC with my email what can I do?

Hello someone try to create an account on this exchange with my mail I haven’t click on the link to confirm registration and I wait 48 hours to cancel the link

But when I try to put my email on forget account button.. hitBTC send me an email to reset

I don’t know why the account exist.. im very safe online

What can I do i don’t want to change the password because I don’t want to be the owner of this

Support don’t awser to my mail



Nothing you can do about it.

Literally anyone can go to a website and try to sign up with your email. Usually it’ll prompt you to make a password at the same time. From there it sends an email to confirm, and it seems this is where you are now. Want it or not, you have an account with hitBTC now. One option would be to make a new password, sign in, and see if there’s an option to delete your account.

Again, there’s basically nothing you can do to prevent this. If I had your email, I could sign you up for an account with a thousand websites. For the ones that require me to confirm my (your) email, I couldn’t do anything else. Many websites will let you sign up WITHOUT email confirmation, at which case I could carry on pretending to be you and chances are the website owners won’t care.


And why they did this? What’s the point ?

The exchange seems have a very bad reputation


I wait to have more information or I change the password now?

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