May 29, 2021

Someone threatened me via WhatsApp

He told me his name and that I was bothering some of his girls with messages that were left unresponded, that he would send boys to my home and he could call the police for that. He did not have a profile picture, no info on WhatsApp, nothing, and i just blocked him but im a bit worried.
Can he call the police for that? (I dont know what he was talking about, but apparently I contacted the girls for services then I did not reply).
Can he find my address with my number only?
Is it possible that it was a ruse or something to take money from me? (He told me we could settle that with a payment and to “reconsider’ when I tols him i did not know what he was talking about and that i apologize).



Sounds like a scam. I would still be cautious if the message is specific enough to target you.

There have been scams online where people are extorted under false pretenses. One style involves luring a person into a sexual video call, record it, then an alleged third party comes in to accuse you of grooming a child. If you have used some service that let’s you chat with people somewhat anonymously, this could be the case. They’ll threaten to take it to police unless you pay them. Of course that’d never work out.

If they had actual evidence, why wouldn’t they just have the police get you? Only you can know for sure based on your activity. Record the threat in advance so you have evidence of potential extortion.


Try r/cybersecurity101

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