June 2, 2021

Something really weird happened, on mac with Bitdefender paid, a sudden massive spike in CPU, scanning way more files, resolved with a restart

I have a 2016 Macbook pro, installed bitdefender paid on it, but something weird happened.

1) suddenly, for no reason, my CPU spiked to near 100 percent, activity monitor (which I keep open all the ttime) not even displaying what was causing the spike because my computer was frozen.

2) calmed down with high CPU usage, and ran a system scan with Bitdefender, usually it scans 800 thousand files, but it had scanned 1.5 MILLION files with no signs of stopping and from what it looked like, it was just re-scanning, cycling through a private folder again and again (checked storage, I had no sudden increase)

3) re-started my computer, and everything is now. fine

4) ran a system scan with Bitdefender, and everything was normal, normal 800 thousand files, no threats detected.

for the first time in a while (and I constantly look at the activity monitor) MRT, mac’s built-in malware removal tool was running, I haven’t seen it run, like ever. But I got no notification from my system, CPU usage is normal, no popups, no weird activity.

5) just installed Kaspersky free trial, had it scan, also installed Malwarebytes free, both turn up negative.

What just happened?

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