June 5, 2021

Splunk Enterprise BOTSV3 Data Exfiltration

Hi All,

I am investigating the BOTSv3 dataset via splunk enterprise. I found 1 question very interesting which is about data exfiltration.

**The Taedonggang adversary sent Grace Hoppy an email bragging about the successful exfiltration of customer data. How many Frothly customer emails were exposed or revealed?**

I performed the query which is below here.

index=botsv3 earliest=0 “grace hoppy” sourcetype!=”ms:aad:signin”

Gracie, We brought your data and imported it: [https://pastebin.com/sdBUkwsE](https://pastebin.com/sdBUkwsE)

We know from the data exfiltration question that Taedonggang used “[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])” as an email address when emailing Grace Hoppy. But here, we’re looking for a file upload. It’s not clear if “upload” here includes email attachments. I am very unclear on how do they copy or transfer the data from the AWS environment. Is it impossible to find the clues via the BOTSV3 and via the splunk enterprise.

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