April 21, 2021

Starting a career in IAM

I will be starting my career as an IAM consultant, initially acting as a BA. however I would like to get to the more technical side of IAM, what would you recommend I read up on/get my certifications in? Thanks.



Definitely active directory and power shell scripting, at least that’s what I am doing. You can read up on identity manager suites such as IBMs ISIM. A few certs such as CompTIA wouldn’t hurt.


I started my career in CyberSecurity in IAM. That was nearly 5 years ago.

You **NEED** to be a techno-wizard when it comes to both Active Directory and Powershell. If you’re in an IAM role you probably know what AD is, but there are two kinds of IAM people:

* People who don’t put in the effort and are content just building and terminating accounts all day.

* People who see how AD can be more secure and more efficient, present those changes and make it happen, and work their way up into Security Engineering type roles.

For the latter, if you get familiar with powershell, “Oh no we have to update the phone numbers for 2000 users….it’ll take months!” can turn you into a hero when you say “But wait I can write a powershell script, with any conditional logic we need, and have it tested and working in a couple days”.

Depending on your organization, Azure may be involved as well. That’s a beast in of itself but it’s basically “Active directory….in the cloud”. A lot of orgs will have a hybrid environment with a one-way sync; where the local AD syncs up into Azure but Azure can’t sync back into AD.

Get a security+ if you don’t have one already. I don’t have any recommendations on formal certs/training for AD and powershell as I kinda picked that up with experience.

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