May 1, 2021

Suspicious activity back to back, can anyone help?

Hey guys, I’m new to this Reddit thread. I came here today to ask for the help of any of you guys out there because I have had some strange activity with my accounts lately and my internet as a whole.

The first red flag was my COD account. I booted up Warzone one day to play with the boys, but it told me to sign into my COD account to continue playing, for whatever reason. I didn’t think much of it and just signed in. Next thing you know, all my progress is lost, including a $20 skin I paid for. The game treated me as a brand new player despite playing this game for the past year. I, of course, sent my complaint to Activision to get my old account back, but they have yet to respond.

The second red flag was the complete termination of my Instagram account. This one really spooked me. I only use Instagram to chat with friends more than I do posting and following other people, so it didn’t bother me that much that it got terminated. I created a new one, and not to exaggerate at all, the moment I log into this brand new account, it quickly logged me out, saying I was doing “suspicious activity.” I created a new one again, and it didn’t terminate me this time.

At this point, I’m spooked. I know nothing of cybersecurity, truth be told, and I’m pretty stupid when it comes to technology as a whole. So to be safe, I installed a reliable VPN. Things have been going well ever since I installed it. I also changed all of my passwords into something much stronger, kept them written down to never forget it, and altered my security on some of my accounts (such as setting up two-step verifications).

But today, my PSN account locked me out, telling me to change my password. That was my third red flag. At this point, I’m convinced someone out there is screwing around with my things. Is this a series of unfortunate events, or is my cybersecurity at serious risk here? Any reply helps. Thanks for reading.



Run an antivirus scan.

Change all your passwords to something different.

Enable two-factor authentication.

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