Hey everyone,

I’ve been using Emsisoft for the past 4 or 5 years (based on advice from this sub too). I used to love it, it’s lightweight and non-intrusive. Tied Kaspersky and Bitdefender before that, but got too annoyed by how bloated and intrusive those are with constant reminders and notifications.

Emsisoft was a great option for me until recently. A few weeks ago my ISP informed me that my system is compromised and I’m attacking their network (the way they handled it is another story, but I already switched them). I had to hire a cybersecurity guy to check my system. The computer itself was clean (although he commented that Emsisoft isn’t good, which got me thinking about it in the first place). But my router was apparently attacked by some script or something. He patched vulnerabilities on it and reconfigured router’s firewall.

My subscription for Emsisoft is ending soon, and after this story, I’m having serious doubts about whether I should keep paying for it. I know that antiviruses aren’t there to protect networking equipment, but I expected at least some warning that I’m visiting a malicious site or something.

I use my computer for work, entertainment, and some torrenting (only closed trusted trackers). I don’t visit excessively sketchy sites, and don’t pirate software (only media occasionally). I try to keep my soft and system updated.

Additionally to Emsisoft I run Windows Firewall Control (another advice from this sub), and have Process Hacker to monitor my startup. For browsing, it’s mainly Firefox with a couple of privacy/anti-ad addons.
Planning to get anti-ad tool for my phone (probably Blokada) and NordVPN today too.

Considering this setup:
– Do I need an antivirus at all? I read some threads before posting and see a lot of replies around the idea that antiviruses aren’t that important these days, if you don’t have serious vulnerabilities. So I’m wondering if I can get rid of this expense altogether.

-If I still need antivirus, which one to get? Preferably something simple, lightweight, that won’t behave “as if it’s smarter than me.” Based on prices ESET seems to be pretty affordable here.

Thanks in advance!

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