February 3, 2021

Target account hack .. then not so much?

Hey all. So I’m a little baffled. We logged onto [Target.com](https://Target.com) today (we usually just use the app). While in there updating password etc as a matter of routine, it showed current and recent logins. To my horror, I saw one from earlier today in Brussels (I live in USA). I immediately revoked the login, changed pass and called customer care, who couldn’t tell me much (least of all the specific IP address), except to say that while they were in the app, they were luckily not in the RedCard portion (Target offers a discount scheme where you can link a debit card to their store card and get discounts). In fact, he said we’d never even set up the management of said card. So I set that up too and put on a load of alerts and verifications. Happy in my security, I decided to see if the website noted me logging in from my phone browser (wifi on) and app on my phone (wifi was hanging, so I switched back to phone data). 2 new logins popped up – one in Oregon (wifi – not where I am in US!) and one in … Brussels (my phone from a US phone carrier)! I did log in this morning which now explains Brussels, but why in the hell is it detecting these random places? It lists the correct location for my desktop login. Location I’m in currently is not using a VPN or anything. Any thoughts as to why this might be?

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