September 6, 2021

That moment you question

“This system is a closed system, no need for endpoint security”

– internet access
– no mac filtering
– open dc
– dhcp feeding 48 port layer 3 switch , all open ports
– no lan segmentation
– 15 systems running native win 10
– zero end point protection
– pos software running on win 7 machine with full inbound/outbound traffic.

Today a customer told me i was a “hardware guy, not a software guy” then tried to explain how a remote management company works…

I laughed and asked if they had hired any security consulting. This customer proceeds to tell me this system is “secured..” beyond what i could ever understand…

Needless to say i didn’t argue with him. Stood up and left.

Now i know that may sound un professional but when on site dealing with, outdated systems and a lacky manager/site contact masquerading as an IT technician.. i cut the line immediately.. no hope..

Needless to say the systems checked out. I did my job to verify functional systems. But what do you say to someone who doesn’t want to listen. The problem… fly by night remote management company support.. a property management company claiming to offer it support and stupid people

In short…

Stealing work from independent businesses and outsourcing everything..

Im so frustrated i couldn’t sleep.. here i cant do my job. I cant even log into the 10 year old buy a box firewall to check the rule sets. I feel like this is an all to frequent occurrence that causes unnecessary costs and limits a good tech’s hand..

Im one step away from making a company policy to refuse work with third party management vendors….

Why must human life be so ignorant…

– A lost (engineering) soul….

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