September 23, 2021

The hell is wrong with Windows Defender?

I know that I’ve already made a post about this, but I’ve had so many panic attacks that I’m going to need medical help soon.

Who designed windows defender and why? Just advise users to get something else like Malwarebytes, not having an antivirus would be better than having windows defender, saying my computer is being destroyed by 3 counts of “ransomware”, 1 piece of “spyware”, and 2 “PUP”s.

And there’s more, instead of telling me where the stupid “viruses” are, (note the quotes) since I don’t have admin, it just tells me that there *is* a virus, and that I need a magic password to even see it and that I am definitely not allowed to protect my own computer BECAUSE MY COMPUTER IS BLOCKING ME FROM HEALING MY COMPUTER ***ON PURPOSE.***

So, instead of helpfully VirusTotal’ing the “viruses” and protecting myself, I just scramble around in panic trying not to scream in rage. Why? Why must be Windows defender UAC be so infuriating and why must they not train their stupid ML algorithm on more than 3 viruses? Why must I, a person who does lots of Python and AHK and assorted things, be tortured?


I am so angry at WD rn. What’s next to block? The rest of my AHK scripts? Python? (come to think of it, pythonw.exe has stopped running properly. **that doesn’t have anything to do with you, Windows Defender, right?**) or maybe Windows will block itself, and my OS will grind to a halt. Why not? Given the direction that this software is going, I wouldn’t be surprised even an iota if that happened.


Also, if this piece of “ransomware” has been running on my computer for half a year, then ***WHY IS MY HARD DISK STILL UN-ENCRYPTED***. Honestly, Windows should just package Avast free with Windows instead of defender, it’s so trashy that no one can fix it at this point. Just do it Windows, you’d be saving me about ~12,034,870,234 panic attacks. But then again, this is just a reddit sh*tpost that no one will ever care about and no one will ever see, especially including Microsoft.

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