September 1, 2021

The job market

I would like to hear from everyone who is currently applying and getting there name out there. From what I have seen on LinkedIn, most are putting 100+ applications out there. I am worried a slight bit about being “under qualified” I have little to no one the job experience but I have just recently obtained a CompTia Security + certification, I have loads of self taught skills, and 3 weeks of “simulated” training via the CyberBit range.

Do I just keep throwing my resume out there in hopes of calls or do I seek more certifications and education?



We interviewed a fresh-out-of college person yesterday, who told us that his ultimate goal was to get a job doing network security at a tech company (we do cyber consulting and compliance work). He said he’d “work here until he found that job.”

We gave him a chance to walk it back, and he doubled down:

“How long would you work here if we offered you a job?”

“Only until I find a job I want.”

We could stand to hire three right now and we can’t find anyone who’s not an idiot or a jackass.


I’m currently waiting to start my CISSP class and after that apply for CISSP certificate exam. Planning to apply jobs after that. I applied few right now also but most of them required a certificate and no chance for entry level. Entry level requirements are like mid-level requirements really thought to get in.

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