October 13, 2021

Trojan Occamy.C could it be false positive?

Hi, thought i would ask here cause why not.There is an old-ish game called Contract Wars, which back in the day was a Browser game (Kongregate,facebook, etc) But for some time now, you need to download the client to play it.

Been playing for a week now, and only now did i notice the several warnings from Windows Defender, about a Trojan Occamy.C that it blocked and deleted. Basically everytime i launch the game, a .dll pops up, that gets flagged.

Now i dont know much about viruses, whats weird is that the game is in D:/Games/CWClient while the .dll pops up in just D:/Also it just seems weird to me that a legit game even though old, and not updated anymore, but still functional, and you can pay for in-game stuff, would have a trojan in it.

I’ll attach a picture with the .dlls that i put together, any info is appreciated, but if theres a chance its not a false positive, i guess i’ll just delete and stop playing, also get some kind of antivirus and do a scan

EDIT: something i noticed while putting the pic together, is that all the .dlls are named HO_xxxx
if thats not some common virus name (is that a thing?) then i guess it could be short for Hired Ops, which is a game by the same devs, which was built from Contract Wars??? i guess, idk im confused




P.S: (i know, shut up already) i’ve done a full scan, and a scan of the game’s folder but found nothing


Restore one of the files, upload it to VirusTotal, post the results link here.


Do a full scan with Kaspersky security cloud free and malewarebytes. If nothing comes up you’re probably good but if you want to go nuclear (As in nuking a house because you saw a spider) then you can factory reset your pc. It’s overkill though and not necessary. If you could get the original file upload it to virustotal and send that link that would also be helpful. Also here’s a high level overview of what it is https://geeksadvice.com/remove-occamy-trojan/amp/

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