January 17, 2021

Trying to get into Cyber Security, feel lost

This is a difficult post because I am not new to tech or Cyber Security (CS) but I don’t know what to do. I’ve had some accidental career shifts that have catapulted me to different positions that I feel have denied me (or made it harder) to get into CS. I’m close to getting CySa+ which will put me at IAT / IAM level II, but the closer I get the more it feels like I’ll never get in. Let me tell you about the weird path I’ve taken and maybe you guys can help me out with a little guidance and advice.

– I have 8 years of Military experience with physical Security and social engineering and an inactive secret clearance. Unfortunately I live and work in a military market saturated with currently qualified and active candidates

– I have a Masters in CS and IA that is backed by the NSA and the Committee on National Security Systems. It was a hands on degree with labs were we had to establish ourselves as an APT and execute CTF exercises and other CS activities. The industry doesn’t care and tells me I need certs.

– I am getting CySa+ to meet level IAT / IAM level II requirements and then I’m following it up with CISSP. but I get shot down for not having 20 years of experience to go with it.

– My current position is IT Manager, I am not an IT Manager. I only have that title because I was the sysadmin at my company when the pandemic hit and my boss quit. If I had turned the position down, I would have been fired in the middle of a pandemic, while in between titles. I was originally hired in this company to help with cyber security, boy did that change quickly. Now when I interview they always tell me I’m to high or find my application highly suspect. It hurts me way more than it helps. I’ve had to lie and completely reformat my resume.

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