January 13, 2021

Trying to start my career, need guidance.

I know you guys have heard this all before but there’s obviously no clear answer on where to start due to many different factors.
I build PC’s for a hobby and for awhile now I’ve wanted to get into Cyber Security.

Been working in an office for over a year and I’ve reached a point where I want out. I’ve tried contacting the Cyber Security at my job to try and find out which certifications I might need to get started but he hasn’t responded.

Is there anyone who might be able to point me in the right direction? I live just outside of Toronto and saw a place called CISNET that offers weekly study to help with the exams and give you the exams, turns out if you read the reviews, they’re scammers.

I don’t have the money to spend to go to college nor the time so which is why I’ve been looking at certifications so I can buy a book for it and take the exams myself when I feel comfortable.

Should I start with Comptia A+ because if all else fails, I wouldn’t mind working on computers at work. I almost bought the A+ book on Amazon so I can start now but I was unsure so I didn’t.

The problem with that though is I feel like I’m limiting myself from doing what I really want to do, which is Cyber Security.

The guy at CISNET told me to start with CCNA and then find an entry level job in the IT department and take whatever qualifications they ask me to. Problem is, my work wants at LEAST 3yrs+ of experience before getting a job with them.

Before asking my questions, my skill level with computers is very high, networking is below average and not so much for security. I’ve tried learning VMware with Kali, Parrot OS but if it wasn’t for YouTube I wouldn’t know what to do.

So my question really boils down to a couple of things;

Which books do I need to get to get started on my certifications.

What test should I take first? And,

What’s my next step?


I really appreciate any insight someone might be able to give me as I’m looking to start a career change as soon as possible. I like working in my little office, but it’s not a passion of mine, I.T. is.

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