September 2, 2021

Uncertified Ethical Hacker [UEH]

Thoughts on certification.

Neccessary, Dick stuffing or Weed Out test?

I recently decided to go after my CEH cert now that i managed to get my life together…

In the beginning experience prevented minimum requirement satisfaction. Several years later i now have the experience but i kinda feel like the certification is a cock ploy…

After Red Teaming the holy bits out of basically every system i have been hired to test, i began wondering why i even need a certificate.

I do not worry the slightest about providing evidence to attest my abilities.. however sometimes i feel this is expected.

I recently had a company refuse my write up based on a lack of certification. Also, this angle was used to back out of the contract, conveniently avoiding payments…

The topic of discussion.. if i can pwn you then why do i need a cert to get payed or have trusting relationships with larger corps.. why does a simple bit of paperwork suddenly put me in a different class than a week prior before i took/passed the exam??


Certs are a cock tease used to firewall out new and upcoming EH… idk. Maybe i just dont wanna shell out 1500$ for online courses, books and training.. in addition to a few hundred to just take the exam….

What are your thouts oh great interweeeebs!?

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