April 26, 2021

Update to: *NIGHTMARISH* First job.. what do I do? & a request for the /r/cybersecurity subreddit

Hey, /r/cybersecurity, I’m the OP behind this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/cybersecurity/comments/mpsutk/nightmarish_first_job_what_do_i_do/

It’s been a couple weeks since I wrote that post and I really wanted to thank you all for the kind words and feedback! A few redditors even reached out and offered job leads, which was especially nice. I don’t know where these will go as I’ve yet to hear back on either but am keeping my hopes up!

My work environment has been alright the past couple weeks, we’ve been extremely busy and I’ve still gotten bullied, but not as much, and we did get poptarts in the office kitchen which is awesome.

A lot of redditors said I should just up-and-leave, which would be nice, but I’m on the cusp of moving out of my parents house and need the money.

I’ve been applying to lots of jobs, in total I’ve applied to over 30 positions since I posted my original post, so I’m up to about ~250 total applications since November 2020, and honestly I’m starting to lose hope and also don’t know what exactly I’m doing wrong, and feedback on my resume (link below) would help me immensely!

**I’d like to make an appeal to the /r/cybersecurity subreddit.** If **ANYONE** in the D.C/MD/NOVA area (or someone who offers remote work) is hiring then please take a moment to review my resume (link below) and reach out if you think I’d be worth interviewing. I’m currently working as a SOC Analyst, and the positions that would be a best-fit for me would be a SOC Analyst role, JR level IR role, or a JR level Pentester/consultant position.

I’m an incredibly hard worker who has a genuine passion for security, but I’m not thriving in my current setting. Thanks a bunch reddit!

My (redacted) resume: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/420016757043101696/836017756633694228/AprilResumeRedacted.pdf

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