April 12, 2021

Urgent help on my anxiety just now.

I go oursode to play football with friends, before thst my computer was fine. When I come back, its still fine, but its weird. There’s a smallish kaspersky security cloud popup app or tab or whatever, but it was empty. It said st the top Kaspersky Security Cloud, it had the X to cancel out of the tab, but it was empty, it was transparent. It covered my current google page but the “contents” weren’t there, meaning i saw my google page thru it. I used a random email for my kaspersky account. Now I dont know why i used a random email, but it said there are possible leaks of the fake email. Now I dont care about that, so on the main Kaspersky Security Cloud page, i clicked on the email in the bottom right so I could register an account under my personal email. I did that, it asked me to do a few captchas, i did them. It then said my trial had expired. Idfk. So I then tried to uninstall kaspersky as it had no further use to me.

I uninstall the kasp vpn, that went smoothly. I notice afterwards, however, that I cannot click on much. Start, windows, etc. Even if I pressed on win and I tried to right click something, it wouldn’t work. Some things didn’t work with right click, some things didnt work with left. I proceed to uninstall kaspersky, but it asks me if I want to manually reboot or reboot now. I select manually, and proceed to shut down my laptop. Screen goes blsck after a bit. Then white. Then black again but with my mouse on it. There is a video if you go to my profile, please give it a watch. Its titled something linking to this.

I manually hold power off , then i turn power on. I can right and left click things now, but when I clicked win, a small pink pixel appeared above. Too much panic for me to handle as I had to go somewhere, so, I factory reset. 4th one this year. I went brb, came back, it was still preparing. Everything was going good, but when it got to the blue Installing Windows page (i have an image of it in my profile check it out to understand), it was on 2%,the laptop’s screen went black, then went back to the installing windows page.

What the fuck happened. Do I have a fake virus windows? What happenee here, Im scared.

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