March 23, 2021

Using Company Phone & Company Wifi – Secure or Not?

If I solely use my company cellphone and company’s wifi (I love close to my work where I can get the wifi at very high speeds) for personal use, during and after work hours, should I be worried they can track what I’m searching?

The reason I do this is because I dont have to pay for a new phone, I dont have to pay for internet, and I dont have to pay for cell service (big savings every month).

Note: I’m allowed to use my company phone for personal use and they’re fine with me using the wifi – I’m just curious as to what they can *easily* track, if anything?

Another note: I use my own personal laptop that I own and the phone my company gave for me to use is brand new (I opened it brand new out of the box myself).

Worth getting a VPN for personal browsing? I’m not watching sketchy or going to any sketchy websites, etc.



Secure? Probably.

Private? Probably not.


Yeah, for your personal computer, I’d connect to either the mobile wifi from the phone or USB connect to the phone for data but use a VPN so the connection is private. Nord VPN is popular, they sponsor many, many YouTubers, but I’d definitely do a little research for what you need from the connection versus what you are willing to pay, and to be sure that you aren’t hooking into a malware treasure trove.

If you do have a home router then you can set up the router (if it has the capability) to allow you to log in remotely through a secure connection then go from there. You’ll have to look into how to set that up for the particular router you have though.


just VPN to your home router

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