January 27, 2021

VPN beginner here, explanation needed

Hi people

I have always been interested in using VPN but never really paid too much attention into it, until now. I have a number of questions that hopefully you guys will be able to provide the answers for. Lets get straight to it:

1. Does using VPN mean I can use any public wifi (restaurants/cafes/hotels/airports) and be 100% worry-free?
2. How exactly do you use a VPN? Is it: **connect to internet, turn on VPN, start browsing?** or is it **turn on VPN, connect to internet, start browsing**?
3. Lets say I decide to use VPN. Is the VPN going to be connected to my device/computer or will it be to the ISP? I ask because I am living with my brother. The question is, if I use a VPN, will it be only for my computer, or will it be connected to the ISP as well, in which case my brother will be able to use it as well?
4. Is it normal to use VPN most of the time, when you connect to the internet?
5. As long as I use VPN, connecting to public wifi and checking my social media accounts, my bank accounts, etc. will be safe, correct?


That is all. Thank you for reading



First of all, the term 100% doesn’t exist in the infosec industry!
VPN provides a secure tunnel using various encryption methods so that your data and communication flows in a secure manner. Anyone in the middle of your network is unable to view the data or may be change it. Apart from this, this definitely changes your public IP and your location. So yes, this will be for your device and not the ISP. And obviously first you need to connect to internet for that!

And your social media and other accounts have several steps for security such as a strong and unique password, multi factor authentication, alerts etc

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