April 9, 2021

Want to build a successful cybersecurity program? Here’s how.

You probably already know the HOW part of it. Most people here get the technology side of it. But how do you actually get it done, how do you pitch it to management? Learn how to write a good business case for it. Learn how to write up use cases for why the company should allocate their limited funds to your new toy. Learn how to work with vendors to help them pitch their product to address your unique business needs. Help them show how they are a value add to what the business is doing. Picking the right product is half the battle, taking it across the finish line is showing the business why it’s needed. Show them the money. I have a dollar amount I can quote for how much it costs per day to have my call center down. If the annual cost of my EDR software is $30k a year and it keeps ransomware off my network and the cost PER DAY of the call center being locked out due to ransomware is $250k+ it’s totally worth the investment. Learn how to talk in terms of ROI. Learn what OPEX vs CAPEX is. Learn how to talk to business people, non-technical people, learn how to speak to laymen, etc. Learn how to explain the risks of not doing it both in terms fo business impact and actual cost in dollars. If you want to move from analyst/engineer to manager these are critical skills. Consider an MBA in IT management (I did mine at /r/WGU and it was cheap for what I got out of it).

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