October 14, 2017

Web Development In 2017 – A Practical Guide

Web Development In 2017 - A Practical Guide

What should you learn in 2017 as a web developer and designer? In this guide we will talk about all of the latest technologies and when you should start learning them as well as what is required and what is just extra

From basic HTML/CSS/JavaScript to server side languages like PHP and Python, to Node.js and Express and other JavaScript frameworks. Bootstrap, Sass, GIT, there are so many things to learn. Lets take it step by step and go through each one in a practical way




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Elbe Shoppy

thank you sir, you are doing great job. thank you sooooo much.

Matthew Lombana



What about back-end like Java/Spring? It is also part of web development

prottoy roy

hi what is wrong with asp.net???you did not mention it.

Benone Gaita

very nice this shed some light on what should i do . i mean i'm on the javascript part now and i have still to learn tons of info
but it is nice to have a sketch like this in my mind. ill save the video and make a mind node sketch about these good steps

Romeo peter

can i get rough calculation on how rough it will take to learn all this?
i'm already on the journey!
thank you TreversyMedia for this

Linkin Pаrk

Why use bootstrap when you can make your own grid with adaptable resizing? :D


On loading the video an advertisement for a webdev course played, asking if I'm tired of(paraphrasing) "bad tutorial videos".
I found it funny because it's basically an advertisement seeding the idea "Hey, don't watch silly tutorial videos, instead come and do this course." Kind of irritated me just seeing it because although of course it doesn't explicitly call YOUR video awful and not worth the time, it lightly implies it might/will be, and in any case is still in effect competing with your own video/trying to pull away viewers.
I hate invasive ads.


Can I please get the PDF file of the slide show??

Victor Garcia

Thank you so much. It's great to have a guide on this long and seemingly dark journey. Cheers!

oguns iron

can people stop recommending notepad ? notepad is good for nothng at all. it's below useless. At the very least get notepad++.

Caleb Hicks

You got a giggle out of me at the "chrome, chrome or chrome"

zakaria Allouche

the best website-design-book
Download Médiafire : https://goo.gl/3XpukP


What's up bro's? What would you recommend for a News/Media website / online portal sort of a thing – HTML/CSS or wordpress.org??

Arun Surya Teja

Thank You so Much

Anshuman Singh

Plays perfectly at 1.5x :)

Claude Madiskarte

Guys please give me some advise. I started learning XHTML and CSS and hopefully moving to javascript and html5 and css3 but Ive heard about WordPress and Wix wherein you can create websites without knowledge about coding. I would like to be a web developer and designer but when i heard about wordpress and wix I feel like Im just wasting my time learning coding. I really need your advise guys and please tell me the advantage of knowing coding instead of wordpress. Will appreciate anyone who puts a comment :)

James Pilkington

Thanks for this Guide. I've been teaching myself with courses from edX and W3Schools. This video really gave me some direction as to "Where to I go from here?"

Ibrahim Hossain

Great Tutorial I've seen ever. I wanna to be a web developer. I think it is useful guideline for me. Many many Thanks to you for this informative tutorial about web development tutorial.

nirmal deol

Need to update my friend everybody is using vscode these days.

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