October 13, 2021

What actually is a script kiddie?

Heyo everyone, This might seem pretty pointless but as someone who values reputation i thought id ask it anyway. When can one call themselves a hacker? I grew up hearing the whole hacker vs script kiddie stuff but have never been able to find a clear distinguishing point where one moves from script kiddie to hacker. Is it the mindset and if so would you call a genuinely curious person who uses very basic tools a hacker or is it the skill and level of discipline one has that moves them into hacker tier? From what I’ve seen there’s no actual criteria except that “script kiddie” is used as an insult (usually by script kiddies and occasionally by more experienced hackers). Why then does it seem to be an industry-accepted term that’s even been taught in my cis classes as meaning a less experienced hacker? Less experienced as opposed to what? What is this undefinable term and how does it apply to us? How do we know which category we fall under and how do we know where the line is?



A “script kiddie” is someone who is using existing code and scripts written by others to get the job done.

So if you’re writing your own scripts and code, you could not be considered one of those anymore.

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