January 8, 2021

What configurations would prevent one computer from reaching another one in a LAN?

Started a new job and I’ve been tasked with setting up RedMine for us to track bugs/issues. We have a LAN set up and one of the computers is a secure server with the master repo code. I can ping the secure server from another computer just fine. However, when I type in the server’s static IP address into a web browser, it can’t connect. What configurations should I look at on the server with the master repo code? Fire wall? Group policy? I’m not familiar with modifying those so what should I be trying to do with them? Is there some other configuration I should look at too?


Thanks in advance!



This is more of a networking question than cyber.

It is not clear to me if you are testing from one or two computers.

If it is just one system that can ping the server but not connect with the web browser, are you sure that there is a web server running on port 80 on the server?

If it is two computers and both ping and browser works from one and the other can neither ping nor use the browser, are you certain that second computer has a valid address, subnet, and route assigned to access the server?

Without a bit more specific info, anything else would be speculation.


What port does the web server you’re trying to hit listen on?

80, 443 8080, X (some other custom port)?

Maybe a stupid question, but do you know for a fact that this server presents a web browser?

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