April 13, 2021

What happened to me? Urgent, please answer

I know this is a repost, and I may sound ungrateful for saying thus, but I wantee more answers to the problems I had, thats all.

Basically, before I went to play football, my laptop was fine, I was happy. I come back to see a smallish Kaspersky Security Cloud tab for the app opened, but the inside was transparent. Bottom right was a kaspersky notif sayingvthe email im using for kaspersky mightve been leaked. I was using a fake email for kaspersky (idk why), so I decided to change it. I went to change it, did the captcha, and it says my trial has expired. Idfk. So, seeing no point for kaspersky, i decide to uninstall it. I uninstsll kasp vpn with a breeze, but after restarting, i couldn’t click on much with either of my mouse buttons. Couldn’t click on win, couldnt click on start, couldn’t right click apps. I managed to uninstall kaspersky though, and I chose a manual reboot. I shut down my laptop, my screen goes black, then white, then black again but with my mouse being able to move. I have a clip of it on my profile. I am panicking , so I manually hold down power off, then power on. Everything was working fine, my mouse buttons worked, but when I clicked windows, a small pink pixel appeared above.

Too much for me to handle, so I factory reset it. I dont have a usb, it wasnt a reinstall of windows thru usb, it was thru cloud. The reset was fine, until it got to tge part where its the full blie screen with white text saying Installing Windows, and %. It was on 2%,when the screen went black, then it went back to installing windows. It went fine until it went to 62%. You know when you turn on a computer, it has the windows logo and it’s a bunch of dots going in circles, right? Well, my screen went black, instead of tge windows logo, i had the Acer Predator logo (my laptop company) and white text saying Welcome. But then it just went back to installing windows?

Please, i know its long, but please try to answer some stuff there

Can malware infect windows? Did my fac reset install windows from the cloud but the windows it installed was a malware windows?

Misc info : During the pink pixel thing, i ran a few hitman pro default scans that came clean. Was that enough to cure me from my anxieties?

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