June 11, 2021

What happened to reddittext.com?

[reddittext.com](https://reddittext.com) was a website about Reddit post formatting. You can visit it [here](https://web.archive.org/web/20210131152313/http://reddittext.com/)

Entering [http://www.reddittext.com](http://www.reddittext.com) will close itself. Trying to get more info about the website I searched on google a web scraping tool and I found [this one](https://open.blockspring.com/pkpp1233/get-html-from-url). I entered the URL and some HTML code appeared (as expected). But something got my attention.

>*[…]* href=”data:;base64,=”><script type=”text/javascript”>document.write(‘<scr’+’ipt>var x=”‘+'[***http://1686.rebiraert.com/match-1686/48613/189511041/1623419815/mf_5ae720fa-ddf4-499b-b0d6-71600db7e3ec/YXBpeDM0LXJlZGRpdHRleHQuY29t***](http://1686.rebiraert.com/match-1686/48613/189511041/1623419815/mf_5ae720fa-ddf4-499b-b0d6-71600db7e3ec/YXBpeDM0LXJlZGRpdHRleHQuY29t)’+'”;</scr’+’ipt>’);</script> *[…]*

It was a link to a website. Wondering what will happen I visited the URL and…

I was redirected to [google.com](https://google.com). Upon web scraping that URL I found a bunch of JavaScript code that I was able to recognize. It had something to with some arrow keys.

>*[…]* Cg=new Bg;Dg=***[“click”,”keydown”,”keyup”]***;Bg.prototype.listen=function(a,b,c,d,e) *[…]*

I’m not able to continue searching on this website. If someone has a clue of what is this please tell me or share this with other subreddits I may not know. Thank you.

PS: entering [rebiraert.com](https://rebiraert.com) or [1686.rebiraert.com](https://1686.rebiraert.com) or [anything.rebiraert.com](https://jfdksajfksdj.rebiraert.com) redirects you to localhost. Yes, you heard me right. []( / your computer’s private IP. (not the one that your router/modem might provide you)

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