May 23, 2021

What happens after Norton expired?

I have this pre-installed Norton antivirus in my MSI laptop. OS is Windows 10 of-course. The thing is, few days ago my Norton got expired and asked me to renew. So i hit the internet and read about if i really should. The answers i got really surprised me, they all seem to imply that Windows defender is already good enough. So before i do anything drastic i thought i should ask reddit what y’all think i should do. I renew or uninstall and let Microsoft handle this business?


Now when i checked Norton website, they say after product expiration they don’t give me any real-time protection. Does that mean what i really have on my computer right now is a dud which basically does nothing? Is it better i just remove it? If so, what’s the best way to remove norton? Because it seem to have deeply routed itself into my system. I don’t wanna damage my system files while doing this un-installation process! I’d really appreciate it if you could tell me how to uninstall without damaging my system.


2nd Question: Is Comodo a better alternative? I used to use Comodo internet security a long time ago in my old desktop PC. The feature that i really liked from that product is the ability to block/allow certain applications to access the internet. But I’ve also heard that windows defender does a good job of handling that task. (No i can’t check if that’s case, because Norton blocks me from accessing the Microsoft features with a message that pops up and says it has taken full control! Which is why i think norton is deeply routed into my system)


Should i renew norton? If uninstall, how to go about it? Do i need Comodo for that particular task or Microsoft defender takes care of that too?

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