I’m currently working as an IT engineer, and I have been working a job that is below my skill level in the public sector because it doesn’t require on-call or anything like that. I’m considering pursuing cybersecurity as it has always been an interest of mine, but I have two major concerns. I worry that this move would put me in a situation where my work life would take up a much bigger portion of my time (longer hours, on-call etc.), and that most of the jobs I would be looking at applying for would be for either big tech silicon valley companies or the federal government. I have no interest in working for either type of organization for a whole host of reasons that I’m not going to go into because this isn’t the appropriate forum to do such a thing.

Overall I’m trying to get a sense for how stressful and time consuming the lifestyle of a cybersecurity engineer really is. In the end I would rather have free time than make more money, but it would be nice to do something more challenging and exciting if I can find the right fit.


Thanks in advance for any advice or thoughts you might have to offer.

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  • lipgloss_addict

    November 16, 2021

    I’m in the GRC side of the house and I am in privacy. As someone who spent life in Devops and and a sysadmin – I will say that this is better :D

    1. No on call pager. GRC isn’t on call
    2. Urgency – yes, work can be important and urgent. If you have a ‘drop everything and work on this now’ type of P0, your company is in trouble.
    3. Yes, there are GRC engineers. In fact, its an emerging career field. Like a privacy engineer or compliance engineer. These roles manage the technical tools that run our world.

    I love cybersec and privacy in particular. My favorite work I have ever done.


    I hope that helps :)


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