January 23, 2021

What means ¨Class not registered” in windows 10

i have one windows 10 pc now, though i would like it to be free of problems by installing linux – the warranty (i believe 2 yrs) will then be void.

anyway yesterday i installed

**riders of Icarus** *from steam*

it installed and installed some game guard program also, after that i ran it but it did not really connect to their servers – authorizing kept going on so i quit it alt+f4 and removed it from steam. after installation of this game after running it first time also i needed to reset my pc before running it. so the game did not really work the game is legit. i have only installed software from steam epic gog and ubisoft. i have avast and defender as av, no viruswarnings given also. only one firewall exception i needed to make for the launcer from the game riders of Icarus. now there seemed nothing wrong yesterday done some gaming afterwards and shut it down. today i start my pc and when i clicked on settings (the clog) it said ¨class not registered” regarding exporer or something. i could not get into settings – also i could not start a couple of programs from security like network sharing. so i restarted the pc, and it all works fine now – doing a full scan with defender now btw. i have had 2x a problem these months that is two times when started the pc it would not boot further than the windows logo, just resetted the pc those times (hold power) and the pc would be normal again.

**what is this class not registered and could it point to a bigger problem ?**

i have this pc since december past year and only did gaming on it and nothing has been installed from dubious sources except schismtracker (nothing harmfull) and some legit ms store apps. i do scans 2x a week with avast and defender. also today i found out that for some odd reason spotify starts along with booting the system and opens up maximized. so i removed spotify

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