July 20, 2021

What type of job/pay can I expect after completing a 28 week (800hr) cyber security bootcamp with no degree or experience?

Certifications included are CompTIA Network+, CompTIA security+, EC-Council certified ethical hacker.

This would be a complete career change for me. I have never worked with computers in a professional setting aside from basic record keeping.

Everyone from the program of course tells me I’m basically guaranteed a job because of how amazing the course is and that they have so many connections in the industry.

What’s most interesting to me is they actually have a program where you don’t pay a dime for the course until you get a job making at least 50k, and then they take a certain percentage each month until it’s paid off…AND that’s with 0% interest. This makes it seem like no matter what you’ll at least make that much (might not seem like much for some, but it would be very helpful for me).

I don’t want to go into this blindly or get my hopes up here. What should I expect? Will I end up spending all of this money to work at a help desk ?



The course and the certs will help, but the thing that gets you the job is having the skillset and actually having a strong and demonstrable understanding of the material.

So if you have those things when you come out, you’re in good shape.

But if you don’t, then that’ll come across in interviews and you won’t.

Like anything else, you’ll get out of it what you put into it.


You’ll need experience to do more than helpdesk. But helpdesk is where you’ll learn these things.

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