January 18, 2021

What types of positions should I be searching for as an MS IT/CySec graduate?

– I graduate in May however I am searching for jobs now to hopefully land somewhere before graduation. However Im not sure what to look for exactly, as I do not know what really exists out there and what is suitable to me. I definitely want to focus more on CySec than IT. Im not sure where I want to land up ultimately but CISO or similar is probably where.

– My bachelors is in Biology, so it is unrelated. I do not have related work experience as this field is new to me. My masters courses is really where my experience comes from so I believe I have a short-hand with regard to that.



CISO is too far down the line to be determined by your first gig.

I hate being a downer, but if you have no experience outside your MS, you will probably be looking at IT (most likely) or IT-adjacent security (less likely) as your first gig, since you need to lean hard on skills built in your degree. You may also need certifications to break in depending on how strong your practical skills are or the market around you.

Having no field experience – even with an MS – is going to make breaking into security tougher. Not impossible, but certainly tougher – and if you don’t have the cushion to permit unemployment, you’re going to need to be searching pretty hard and wide to guarantee you get at least one offer.

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