April 18, 2016

What’s the difference between the different processors in computers?

I’m on HP trying to figure out what computer I want and I’m comparing the different types. The problem is that I don’t know whats the difference between different processors. Does it matter?Thanks.



SPEED in GHZ and the numbers especailly intels actually mean something. i3 has 3 cores. i5 has five cores and i7 has seven cores. If you running games or advanced programs you need speed.


Yes, it makes a major difference. To put it simply, you do not want a single core CPU, you do not want a low clock speed dual CPU. A quad core CPU @ 2.8 ghz or over is high endIntel core architecture is better than AMD’s, so lower clocked Intel chips such as the i5/i7 will perform better than a higher clocked AMD chipEDIT: Anonymous’ answer is completely wrong. These are synthetic benchmarks for CPUs and will give you a general idea of their relative performancehttp://www.cpubenchmark.net/high_end_cpus.htmlBest processor available for around $200 today is the Intel Core i5 2400/2500/2500K


you should check out there speed (GHz) and how many cores they have.Generally Intel processors are better than AMD


AMD and Intel cpus both work very well, and each have their own good features. The more cores a CPU has the better, as it can process more data. Also a higher clock speed is good, as it will run each core even faster.Any dual-core computer is still good today, but don’t buy a single-core computer as it’ll feel slow after awhile


the processor is what controls how fast ur computer will run , among other stuff but mainly ur processor. the higher the processor the faster will be. so example if ur looking at a processor n its says intel processsor 3 and another says intel processor 4 u wouldk want to stick with the 4. the hiugher the processor number faster will be.


It only matters if your a casual computer user, using say word documents and internet or you would like to play the latest games.I would still shoot for uprgadeability so that you get your money’s worth later on.casual user the i3, if your a gamer i would go for a new core i5 2500k.

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