March 31, 2021

What’s the right game plan for me?

Things like this get posted here all the time — trust me, I’ve pored through many of these. So thanks for your patience if you take the time to give me feedback, or even read this.


So in the last 6-months or so, I’ve made the decision to try and get into Cyber Security. Some background: I have a Bachelor’s in a completely unrelated field (Communications), I am 24, I live in the East Coast and my work experience since graduating has been in the Hospitality industry.

My original plan was to get some certs and try and get an entry level job in IT/Help Desk. And then afterwards from there, get an entry level Security job. (I am not exactly sure yet what I want to do in Security specifically, yet.)

As of right now, I’ve done some Python courses, messed around with some free resources (like TryHackMe and such), and am close to obtaining my Network+ cert (Might try and get Security+ after). I also plan on building a homelab soon and messing around with that.

My biggest concern is that, with no work experience, nor a CS degree, the job hunt won’t do me very well once I finish the cert, and I’ll be left spinning my wheels.

Do you guys think that my current plan is fine? If not, I have also been looking into perhaps entering into the USAF and try to get my feet wet with Cyber through there, and/or getting an M.S. in Cyber Security from some of the schools with the CAE designation. Would these be better options?

What do you guys think?

I am not opposed to moving and I know that I am relatively young, without too many responsibilities, so I am very flexible and open to any ideas that would help me pursue this more effectively.


Thanks again.

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