April 9, 2021

Where should I put my energy towards career wise?

Right now I’m a senior at my uni and will be graduating next spring ’22 with a degree in information systems. I currently have 2 years of IT help desk under my belt (3 once I graduate) and I got my Security+ cert last summer. This summer I have an internship lined up as a SOC analyst. When I graduate, I’d like to continue to be a SOC analyst for a couple of years whilst working on my OSCP cert to become a pentester.

So what should I be focusing on right now?

1. Coding (my python/java skills are rudimentary)

2. eJPT cert

3. Htb/ctf stuff

4. Fundamentals of security/blue team stuff?

I understand that I need to crawl before I walk, but am I getting ahead of myself with wanting to focus on pentester stuff now? I already have experience with linux, vm’s, some of the tools in kali and everything. Should I just focus on pentesting in my off time and proper blue team at work?

How should I go about this?

Thank you



Focus on something you enjoy and can express genuine interest in, just don’t be too narrow.

Employers are more interested in people with passion and flexibility than a laundry list on a resume.

Also, you’ll probably change your focus multiple times over your career so keeping flexibility in mind will help frame your career.

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