May 14, 2021

Why are there so many ‘Learn Ethical Hacking…etc” courses for little to no cost online? Do these courses have value for learning cybersecurity skills?

In my research on cybersecurity training, it seems like I’ve come across dozens or even hundreds of courses, particularly video courses and they all seem to be titled ‘Learning Ethical Hacking: From N00b to Pr0’. These courses appear to range from 10-30 hours usually. Not only that, but they can be either free or $10-$20. The market just seems to be saturated with these types of courses.

I’m kind of skeptical about someone being able to spend $15 on a course that’s a dozen or so hours long and becoming an Ethical Hacker. Do you see any value in these type of courses? Are they really catering to the casual learner?



Yeah there’s so many out there. Lots on UDemy. To gain a solid skill set in hacking you need to know computer networking, Linux, windows, database, python and stuff like that.


In general, I see little value in courses that willfully misrepresent the skill level attained by the course-doers (and that use l33t sp34k). A 30-hour 1:1 session with Elon Musk wouldn’t make you a professional entrepreneur, so why should a 30-hour 0nl1n3 c0urs3 make you a professional hacker?

There are free materials that would do you better (and that frankly, these are probably imitating or copying directly) – check r/netsecstudents or the Mentorship Monday threads for ideas.

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