October 13, 2021

Why do some companies use the title “Vice President”


I am loosely looking at jobs at the moment and considering a move. I saw a good match with JP Morgan at their Canary Wharf Office – although I am worried it may be too corporate for me.

Anyway, the job title is “Vice President”.

I know from research this basically means “Manager”. Unsure of salary but most sites seem to suggest £90k-100k.

It’s a ridiculous job title really. I’ve heard the phrase “job title inflation” which this definitely is. Apparently some say it’s due to wanting to give clients and investors the impression that they’re dealing with a more important person rather than just “manager”.

**Has anyone else noticed this with some companies?**

**Finally, some other jobs with JP Morgan are called “XYZ Lead” – is this more/less senior or impossible to say?**




Manager and vice president and president arent actual professions because they are different wherever you go so there isn’t a standard salary because it’s just a generic term for miscellaneous jobs with the exception of a few specialized things ( hotel management, principle of a school, a dean) – it’s not like a doctor or engineer where the job is coherent and the salaries are too. I suspect that the position was created to just add a role to the directors salary list (because this is subject to less tax than dividend in many countries, and it makes getting their personal loans easier when they have a payslip rather than a dividend cheque) and then, the position developed into handling certain things so now that it’s original office holder is gone, it needs replacement. As for the leads question, most big companies have a “senior management” structure that either are the board of directors or meet with them regularly – I’d say anyone on these has equal rank and then specialized rank for certain things (the finance lead has more say the IT lead when it comes to taking a loan for a new building).

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