March 25, 2021

Windows 10 acting very very weird.

This happened to me once before today (maybe twice before today but not sure).

First time this happened was about 2 weeks to 1 month ago I reckon.

I’ve been using windows 10, then suddenly my left click and right click started acting weird (although I think the problem might not be the mouse clicks but something else); as I tired to right click > refresh as I always do sometimes, the ui or window (whatever you call it) that pops up and gives you options, like “refresh”, “view”, “sort by” and so on, instantly popped up and went away (just flashed), as I started spamming mouse 2 to making it pop up again, sometimes it doesn’t even popup and flash, it just doesn’t show up. Same thing with task bar, as I tried to right click it and open the task manager, it just flashes and that’s it. That was what I remember from the first time it happened. Then it stopped after a minute or so.

Second time it happened (today), the same thing happened like the first time but there was more. Right before it happened, I clicked the chrome icon once that was on the task bar, it took some time, but then it opened multiple tabs. Youtube tabs. Like, 10 to 15 tabs. Just instantly opened (not multiple chrome windows, but multiple tabs). I close chrome as it does that and then my desktop icons change size automatically to large icons (i had them on medium icons). After that, same problem from 2 weeks to 1 month ago start happening. This time I remember very well – or better, what happened. I was unable to open task manager, as the window to open it once you right click on the task bar was flashing again and so on. But I was able to open “show hidden icons”. First thing I tried to do is open (maximize) the nordvpn window, but it kept closing just after I opened it, instantly. I tried right clicking on the nordvpn icon, and it worked, a window popped up that could allow me to quickly fast connect to a near ip address, I tried clicking it, and it started spamming, between “trying to find best server”, “connecting to”, “failed to connect”, “you are not connected.”. I tried spamming it myself after the issue stopped happening to see if it’s similar, I couldn’t spam it as fast but I didn’t see it say “failed to connect” once. Internet became slower when I was trying to search to solve the issue. And yes I was able to connect to nordvpn, and I was connected while trying to solve the issue. I tried ookla speedtest, it took time to start the test (like 15-25 seconds), but the results were typical, the speed was fine, the ping also, just like any other day.

But before all this happened, also on the same day. I started my pc as always, I had it on sleep mode and I do that most of the time. I realize that “app and browser control” was disabled on windows security, and so I instantly turned it on. Nord VPN didn’t connect, but it does this sometimes when I turn on my pc while it was on sleep mode, until I restart my pc. And so I did that, I restarted my pc and it worked just fine. I go on google to search what the problem was, I find a forum, some guy had this same issue, where “windows 10 app and browser control” was turned off by itself, and 2 days or so before that happened to him, he had updated windows 10; I also updated windows 10, 2 days ago. I do some more research and I find a forum about some windows 10 notification problem unrelated to mine. Some guy in the comments section talks about some things on chrome; how chrome gives you an option to try to find harmful apps, also suggesting to restore chrome and remove unnecessary extensions as well as installing ublock origin. And so I do that, because why not. I also do an rkill scan, as it was recommended and I do that occasionally sometimes, every month or so. After that is finished, I see that chrome is restored, no problems, I install ublock origin and connect my emails. And then that’s when the problem I described earlier on paragraph two started happening. rkill didn’t find any problems, i can’t seem to find any unusual programs running on task manager, as well as process explorer. I didn’t install any apps or downloaded software the last couple days or even last couple weeks, except process explorer. I typically do check from time to time, if there’s any funny activity on my pc, watched some cyber security videos. All windows security options are turned on, firewall too, nordpvn is almost always connected. And did full scan on windows defender multiple times, but not lately. Is this just a glitch? Is it something else? If you read all this, thanks.



Doesn’t sound like anything security wise but reimaging will fix whatever issue you have.

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