April 23, 2021

Windows 10 failed login capture?

Super random events the other night, I use Brave Browser, and yesterday, I opened it, and it normally opens to what I last had open, and yesterday, it opened to the history and nothing else, but there was nothing in there so I didn’t think anything of it, maybe I pressed a short cut or something, but then today, I opened Brave, and it opened to my email and my crypto account but it was a failed login because they didn’t have the 2FA code from my phone.

I checked history and there was tons of activity in my emails searching for everything with crypto account names so they could get my user name and the password was saved with Brave. So once they had my username, the password auto filled but they didn’t get in because of 2FA.

So I’m just trying to rule out whether or not my computer was hacked and someone has access to it, or if it’s one of my roommates, highly unlikely the latter but I just want to be sure.

I’m looking for something that can take a picture at a failed login, I don’t normally lock my computer but I just set it up now, but I want to know if someone does try to get in.

The reason I don’t think it’s my roommates is because they left the house today at 10:30am, one was driving the other one to an appointment, and the activity on Brave was from 10.49am to 10.50am.

I can’t confirm if they ACTUALLY left at 10:30am but I know her appointment was at 11am so 10:50 would have been cutting it REALLY close if it was them. And I didn’t go on my computer until I opened the browser at 1:47pm.

So I’m trying to rule them out by having it take a picture at a failed login, so if it is someone doing this remotely, it will take a picture of an empty chair, otherwise, I’ll know who’s trying to steal all of my crypto in the household.

As far as I know, there’s nothing like this in Windows that exists, so I’m looking for some kind of third party application that will work with the default Windows lock screen.

I tried Lockscreen Pro 5, but there’s no way to configure which camera it uses (I have two cam’s for streaming on twitch), so the test runs I did was just taking pictures of my controller, it’s not using the face cam, and for some reason it only took one shot, and then repeats the same image for every failed login attempt so that program is junk, not to mention I have dual monitors, and you can still full use the computer on the other monitor, it only locks the main display so it’s entirely useless lol

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