September 22, 2021

Windows defender, norton, and malwarebytes couldn’t find anything. Yet this skull and crossbones wants my sister to click buttons. What should I do?

Windows defender, norton, and malwarebytes couldn’t find anything. Yet this skull and crossbones wants my sister to click buttons. What should I do?



This is an notification coming an site you allowed to send notifications, go here to remove them edge://settings/content/notifications?search=Notification


Did you give notification access to the websites you visited ’cause I think they are just those ads which pop up on some websites


Do what the comments above says and from now on use ublock origin on edge. Just plain search and add to edge.


I can access all the files just fine, by the way


You might consider a safer DNS and a browser extension that block malicious webpages.

DNS like Quad9 or NextDNS and extensions like Bitdefender TrafficLight or Browserguard.


It’s most likely not a file on your computer. It’s push notifications from the website that is listed on each notification


It’s not actually a virus, rather a notification from a site. You probably allowed that site to show you notifications. Check your browser’s settings


Install Linux…or re image and restore from backup. If you don’t have backups…your bad…you learned today


It’s an add from edge. Just delete and review your notifications inside nthe browser.


Run Adware Removal Tool: [](

or AdwCleaner:


Isnt a malware is a problem with edge. Just reset edge.


I’m not even sure why notifications are part of a browser, at minimum the default setting should be block. They mostly just piss people off with the constant “Can we spam you with notifications”, at worst, they are dangerous (OP’s problem just highlights this)


Its a virus link trying to get you to download a virus.

Just ignore it or turn off notifications from that website.


It’s a spam website.


Install the extension Ublock Origin in Edge. This will block ads and sites that are known to show malware or malicious pop ups.


Also, turn Bluetooth and network discovery off. Printer and file sharing too


It a complete scam, dum computer user alway belive it and click the pop up. You still should backup your files though. And about the ads, check Microsoft Edge’s Notification Permission and check for malicious website and block it. You are 100% safe

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