September 4, 2021

Windows Defender not working…


This took place just yesterday…

I was watching YouTube videos on old nostalgic flash games I used to play as a kid (r.i.p. Flash), and I wanted to play them again, but after December 2020, Adobe Flash was discontinued and I wasn’t able to play them anymore. I tried to access sites that worked, but those sites had very little games I was interested in, or very little of them functioned adequately without Adobe Flash.

I then decided to download this emulator thingy, which I remember it contained something with “y8” or something like that. I scanned it the my Windows Defender, and it said a threat was found. This freaked me out, and I feel like an idiot for downloading that y8 file, because ever since I accidently downloaded a game mod thinking it was legit, I got a virus and was careful ever since.

From what I can remember (I think), the Windows Defender said it was a low threat or something like that, and I should take action. I closed out Windows Defender, turned off my desktop, and unplugged the computer all together (One: I assume if my computer is off, no one will be able to hack it) (Two: If I unplug it instead of leaving it plugged, I save on electric bills).

But ever since I turned on my computer, everything runs fine, I have slowness with this computer almost every day, it’s a little bit old, but I can’t seem to open up Windows Defender. The icon has this little yellow warning sign by it, and says actions are needed, but how am I able to access those actions if I cannot open Windows Defender?

Every time I’ve opened Windows Defender, it looked like it was loading, and after a few seconds or minutes, it would just close out.

What can I do to fix Windows Defender? Is it corrupted?

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