May 1, 2021

Windows Defender running uncontrollably last few days

I’ve been using WD for a few years now without issue. The last few days, it’s been going crazy, running scans every few minutes while I’m working. I thought it was because I had a Firefox session with 50+ tabs open for a few days, but it continued to act funny even after closing the file. It seems to activate any time I open up Firefox or a Word file and the scans will take a 5-15 minutes (they happen like 10 times a day). These scans don’t show up as scans in the WD log though.

I am using an ITX build so I immediately know it’s running as my fans start ramping up to keep the heat down. CPU usage isn’t crazy (10-20%) but it seems completely unnecessary (and the fan noise annoys me).

I’ve downloaded Kaspersky as a stopgap, but I don’t like bloated third party AVs. Any ideas on what could be causing WD to go crazy?

I ran a full WD, Malwarebyte, and Kaspersky scan, and all came back 100% clean (I’m a responsible user) except for a handful of corrupted MS Office cache files that Kaspersky found. I do a lot of work over Sharepoint, and it’s a total shitshow with files becoming corrupted all the time. Could that possibly be what is setting off WD?

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