September 2, 2021

Working 2 FT Infosec Roles at once (NJ)

Basically in the title. Has anyone does this? Currently working as an IR Analyst fully remote and they only expect to be back in the office next year. Another position for an InfoSec Engineer is fully remote also which I received an interview for.

I would like to save as much money as possible while I’m young and my current employer has no restrictions because the company I’m interviewing for is not a direct competitor. Also my current manager says that as long as current work gets done, he “doesn’t care what we do”. He’s laid back like that. Wanted to ask a question in regards to future employment. Will companies see this as unloyal? How would I technically explain this in an interview? I’ve seen articles in Forbes and WSJ about this and wanted to know peoples opinions.



You are setting yourself up for failure. Both roles, done properly, are full time jobs.


If you can prove to future employers that you were successful in both roles at the same time, I think it will set you apart. How work is done is quickly changing and traditional employers are having a hard time adjusting. If you can demonstrate excellence in both roles, you’ll be a rare gem for a future employer that is not stuck in the past.


I think this is more illegal (depending on responsibility) and not unloyal. I would not do this.


If these are full time roles there is a chasm between your manager being “laid back” in their management of you and you being so brazen as to work two jobs simultaneously. This sounds like a disaster, for you, waiting to happen unless HR in both parties (not just your current manager) sign off on it in writing.


I tried juggling between two full-time jobs remote. I don’t think the pay was worth the stress of making sure I wasn’t double booked for meetings or deliverables. It just depends on the workload and the expectations for interactions. In my case, it was too stressful and I was much more happier after resigning at one of the jobs.

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