January 26, 2021



idk if this is the right subreddit feel free to send me to the right one

i am a very anxious person especially about my privacy. so i have always been worried about the fact that there is a good chance that the nsa has a lot of my calls and texts, with this hack on the us govt, including the nsa should i be worried that the hackers got my phone calls and texts from them and will download them and leak them out. i’m not talking about credit card info or anything just private embarrassing convos etc.

i talked to someone and they said that:

A) they aren’t interested in my random phone calls and texts to download them and then leak them out

B) it would be almost impossible for them to take all the “theoretical millions and millions” of phone calls that the nsa supposedly has and “copy and paste” them without being caught and blocked

i believe that the first thing is true but is the second thing true as well? it would make me feel a lot better if i knew that it was basically impossible to do.




Second one is not impossible, and is possible to pull off without being “caught and blocked”.

I’m sorry fam but in this technological age you gotta take the good with the bad, and just try to defend from the bad as much as you can.

Use end to end encryption with apps like Signal, and delete social media accounts you don’t need.

Stop being so anxious and stiffen that upper lip, you’re not as much of a victim as you think you are. No intention of insult but these criminals could care less about you and your conversations.


Unless you’re a pedophile you shouldn’t be worried. Nobody cares that you like to be walked on a leash.

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