May 18, 2021

Would my background qualify me for a entry-level cyber security position?

In the wake of the Colonial Pipeline hack, the news is filled with stories about the huge number of cyber security jobs going unfilled. As I’m currently in the job market, those stories have commanded my attention.

I have a bachelor’s in computer science, and master’s in management information systems. Neither degree covered cyber security to any great extent. I also have about 10 years experience in software development, mostly web-based applications.

Could I parlay my current experience into an entry-level cyber security job? Would any employers hire me in an on-the-job-training capacity? Would i need to earn a cyber security certificate to be considered for a cyber security job?




Yes it would.


Yes you would easily get a job but a security related cert or even better a few really does help and everyone else has them. Some HR were more impressed by a cert than a degree in some cases


I have seen people with financial degrees get cybersecurity jobs.


I don’t see why it wouldn’t, it’s a matter of spinning your experience into the proper narrative. When you built web apps, did you take the time to test them for vulnerabilities? Known or unknown? Can you talk about where to find vulnerabilities, zero day or otherwise? It’s all stuff that’s out there, anyone CAN do it, but can you stay interested?

If you want to do it, nothing’s stopping you, get after it bro-chacco! Good luck!! :D

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