April 2, 2021

Writing A Windows Batch Command Security Script and Trying to Iron Out Issues

Hey guys,

I’m a new student to information security and I’m trying to write a security script for incident response. I selected batch because it’s simple for now and it seems to be ubiquitous in numerous applications. It isn’t ideal to more seasoned experts and I plan to learn more but when you get an assignment thrown to you with a week to pull things together you start with something accessible; aside from some HTML and Javascript from years back, not much I know.

I poked around with some example commands and am making the rest my own, but at the instruction of “run the script as admin” I found no results (the batch is supposed to export texts, which it did as a regular user, not admin tho at all). I’ve been trying to finish things up (add sysinternals and nirsoft tools to run in the file; not 100% on it but I imagine I shove the whole folder I’m running at together with the exe’s and I’ll be close) and then I have to hash the whole thing. I went to root (C:) and stuck the example batch in a new folder to demo things just to get a visual on the process, but clearly my experience wasn’t correct at first. Obviously this is problematic as to get things to run ideally certain commands need to run at the right level to generate text output. Is there any way I can get this sorted out? I AM admin on my machine…. but apparently admins even have their limits. If anyone could offer this noob some guidance, I’d be grateful.

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